IFHE is Addressing
a Need in Iraq

With Iraq’s large young population and overburdened government payroll, there is a critical need to prepare Iraq’s youth to work in the private sector.


Population under 24 years old


Youth Unemployment


Entering the workforce every year


Government revenue to salaries and pensions

IFHE’s flagship project is Baghdad Business School. Established in 2020, this pioneering institution offers a one-year intensive bridge curriculum with English, Business and Professional Skills designed to prepare Iraqi university graduates for work with leading private-sector firms in sectors such as marketing, finance, banking, and accounting or as entrepreneurs.

What will you gain from Baghdad Business School?

English as a Second Language (ESL)

BBS’s hybrid, blended ESL program includes six months of English: three months of General English and three months of Business English, taking students from level A2 to B2. Students will learn professional skills such as writing emails and reports, making presentations, and workplace etiquette and norms during ESL courses.

Business & Professional Skills

After completing the ESL program, students will take four business courses over four months: Introduction to Business, Financial Accounting, Introduction to Finance, and Introduction to Marketing. During business courses, students will continue to improve their English and Professional Skills, as well as take sessions in computer programs.


Upon successful completion of the ten-month program, BBS staff coordinates internships and jobs for its graduates with private sector firms in Iraq.

Support IFHE

IFHE seeks financial support for its projects, including the Baghdad Business School and Scholarship Initiative.